5.1 Introduction

GO ONLINE *page 101* Sorry, this article has been removed by its publisher.

GO ONLINE *page 102* When you’re inside the bottle, you can’t read the label

There are some good tips from someone who is worth listening to in Knowing when to say no (and yes).

How much does a web page cost? is a bit old ... but still valid. I like this article because [a] I spent some time selling websites and a lot of people think they should come free with a box of cereals, and [b] I teach business at a business school - and students find it hard to appreciate cost analysis. Note, however, this piece does not include any other costs, both fixed and/or variable.

5.2 Web presence ownership, management and development

GO ONLINE *page 105* Domain names and website hosting from the previous edition of this book.

PRACTICAL INSIGHT Ten years on ... what’s changed? … the article in full .

How five charities convey purpose through tone of voice

An example of how amateur content can work is Matt Barrett's Athens Survival Guide.

10 brands with hilariously funny product page copy has examples of the voice of an organization.

I didn't include this job in my 'dream team' - and I suspect not many organizations employ such a person, but A day in the life of... a conversion optimisation lead shows not only that the job exists, but it's an indication of just how many roles are out there in digital marketing.

Perhaps marketers don't need IT after all? ... What is a ‘low code’ platform? And why do marketers need them?

Since 1996 I have been having a rant about the role of ‘techies’ in online marketing. I’ve always argued that effective digital marketing has to be a collaborative effort between all the necessary skills [in my books I describe a ‘dream team’]. More lately, I thought the situation had improved – then I read this article which trumpets such collaboration [at the New York Times] as ‘a paradigm shift’ and that braking down its martech and engineering silos resulted in ‘gains [that] were too productive not to merge them’. Hmmmm … maybe: [a] many organizations are still behind the loop on this issue [if so, why?], or [b] I really was ahead of my time back then [I wasn’t]. Here’s why The New York Times broke down its martech and engineering silos

Army's £113m recruitment website 'was 52 months late' is an example of how things can go wrong - and how much websites can cost [though £113m does seem excessive].

Although Cleo, a chatbot case study: Why brands need to be cautious with comedy personas is not about 'voice' of a website specifically - it does cover the subject.

5.3 Usability

GO ONLINE *page 116* Some short videos from the Nielsen Norman Group that explain a number of aspects of UX issues – well worth 20 minutes of your time.
The term UX
Designers are Not Users
Design thinning
Flat Design Decreases User Efficiency
Hamburger Menus Hurt UX Metrics
UX challenges in designing for Millennials
Emotional Design
Logo Placement Affects Web Navigation and Brand Recall
What is Omnichannel UX?
Ideation doesn't waste time, it saves time

GO ONLINE B2B vs B2C Websites *page 123* B2B vs. B2C Websites: Key UX Differences .

RESEARCH SNAPSHOT *page 119*Is this the on switch? A review of this research by the Nielsen Norman Group . As a PS … I have used the phrase “Is this the on switch?” since 1996 – usually as the title of seminars/conferences/classes to show that I know next-to-nothing about how computers work.

The financial impact of fake UX for publishers

I have include 10 Tools to Improve Online User Experiences not to promote the various software included in it, but to show how seriously the subject is taken in the ‘real world’.

Apparently only half of e-commerce companies do regular usability testing – let’s assume that the other half might have read one of my books :-)

Does Your Mobile Site Pass the Thumb Zone Test?

In-site search: why organizations are still so bad at findability endorses my argument.

Don’t undervalue the power of a good website.

Scrolling, attention, scanning & reading patterns.

Seven principles of effective digital navigation.

The value of user experience design for brands with ecommerce websites.

Will People Be More Tech Savvy in 10 Years? (Jakob Nielsen).

The User Experience of Customer-Service Chat: 20 Guidelines.


5.4 The basics

PRACTICAL INSIGHT *page 127* Same page, different name – vital importance. I have always said that I am a student of digital marketing - and the other day one of my students taught me something.
In this practical insight I say that, amongst other things, a front page should not have external links. Well ... 'what about links to social media accounts?' he asked. D'oh! He is right, of course, that many sites have such links in prominent places on the home page. My response to him was that they were links to other aspects of the organization's web presence, so that is OK. But is it? What if the surfer arrives on an e-commerce home page with an intention to purchase but is side tracked onto the seller's facebook page ... and then - for whatever reason - does not return to the e-commerce site. They might even make a purchase from a different seller. I don't suggest removing the social media links [though, as you will see in chapter 9, there is doubt over the effectiveness of social media for marketing], but maybe the pages of facebook and all should have prominent links back to the seller's website home page.

GO ONLINE *page 134* Website washout.

If I taught you, then you can probably imagine me saying the words to this article. I particularly like the comment at the beginning: 'Marketing comes first'. See 100+ Questions You Must Ask When Developing A Web Site.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good website.

Apart from anything else, What do 400,000 surveys tell us about your corporate website? tells us the reason 39% of corporate website visitors are there.

Ignore the fact that Topic Clusters Improve Rankings, Traffic has a focus on SEO - it is actually about good website design. Note how the 'topic cluster' model - in essence - follows the same concept as my site architecture example on page 126.

Journey Mapping is not exactly site architecture - but it does add another aspect to the subject.

Slow pages hurt conversions, but marketers aren’t in a hurry to fix them.

Ignore the reference to social media in 11 Reasons Your Website Speed Is Killing Your Social Media Marketing - just concentrate on the issues around download speed.


5.5 Content development

GO ONLINE Say what? *page 138*
9 words and phrases to weed out of your marketing copy
10 common traits of bad copywriters

GO ONLINE Written by robots? *page 139* The future of content is marketplaces not AI

GO ONLINE *page 143* Words aren’t free.

PRACTICAL INSIGHT *page 144* Don’t sell a product – solve a problem.

GO ONLINE *page 148* Smile!

Anyone who thinks writing content for a website is easy and anyone can do it should read 7 Tips to Help Improve Your Marketing Copy and realise that it isn't.

20 inspirational examples of product page copy is - an excellent example of 'not everyone can develop an effective website'. This is a skilled job - and one that not many folk can do well [even if it looks simple]. And here's how product descriptions vary among nine fashion retailers.

A marketer's guide to using 360-degree photos and video on social

Five things all marketers should know about China in 2018 includes some excellent stuff. However, I would argue that the platforms described as 'social media' go far beyond the west's definition of such - and so we should refer to them as 'platforms' or 'websites' ... or even just 'media'.

There is nothing really new in What Consumers Want From Brand Content: 4 Insights - but it does confirm that the old stuff is right.

Get inside your customer’s head: A guide to writing irresistible calls to action.

I have included Sorry seems to be the hardest word here simply as an example of how getting content right is not as easy as some will have you believe.

Vertical filmmakers winning in brand and video creation on mobile.

Although How to Write Text Ads in AdWords, for Ecommerce focuses on ad copy, it is equally relevant for e-commerce websites.

Ignore the title of How to turn a boring email into an irresistible link pitch and read it for hints on copy writing in general.

Top marks to the organization for recognising this was necessary. Bottom marks for being 20 years late. How the British Red Cross revamped its website, from 4,000 pages to just 400.

Don't be put off by the 'technical expert' phrase in the title ofTechnical Experts Need to Get Better at Telling Stories - the advice applies to all 'experts'.

3 Tools to Analyze Content for Marketing, SEO is another example where I'm not promoting software that is available - but making you aware of the problems that the software can solve.

10 brands that use illustration to stand out online.

The key phrase in Alibaba: Skilful journalism makes corporate news engaging is 'run by former journalists'.

The Case for Optimizing Image Performance.


5.6 The B2B website

Note that in Which Digital Channels Do B2B Buyers Use to Engage With Vendors? websites and email the most common digital engagement channels – which is why it is in both this chapter and that on that on email marketing … and chapter 9 – in the section that questions the ROI of marketing on social media.

Anything from Gerry McGovern is always worth taking note of ... Buyers want technical, accurate content is no exception.

B2B: How Manufacturers with Distributors Use Ecommerce

On the face of it, B2B e-commerce sites are the same as those for B2C - but 3 in 4 B2B Procurement Officers Experience Pain Points During the E-Commerce Buying Process shows that the B2B site is more about proficiency than 'glamour'.

Although websites are only part of how to use Econsultancy’s B2B Customer Journey Mapping Canvas gives an excellent overview of the B2B online buying process.

4 Expectations of B2B Ecommerce Customers.

I've included Nine tips for optimizing lead-capture forms here as most B2B websites have the objective of lead generation.

3 Reasons Why B2B Ecommerce Projects Fail.

Although Unlocking the full potential of B2B email marketing is about email marketing, I have included it here because much of the content can be applied to websites - in particular, the table; 'what do B2B customers want to know'. I think you can us the table for developing B2B website content.

I could have put Using Google Analytics to Compete with Amazon in the e-commerce section of the next chapter, or the final chapter on analytics ... but I think it's most useful here.

I have included How Long Do B2B Deals Take to Close? to show that B2B sales rarely happen at the click of a mouse [or tap of a screen] - so B2B websites are used for lead generation.

B2B Buyers Want More Data and Research in Vendor Content.

Why does B2B advertising have to be ugly and crap? is not specifically about digital marketing - but much of it is relevant here.


5.7 The global web presence

RESEARCH SNAPSHOT *page 159 *Languages online … the usage of content languages for websites

GO ONLINE *page 160* Lost in translation

Ambev - Lost in Google translation.

The titles of these two articles tell you what they are about - Website localization: three examples of best practice and Seven common pitfalls when taking websites international.

The advice in Web designs that communicate across cultures is pretty basic - but it includes some very good examples.

The tribulations of worldwide websites might focus on corporate websites, but the message is much the same for all global sites..

What Western brands need to know before joining China's massive ecommerce economy.

China: Tips for marketers taking a new digital role in the country

AlthoughThe importance of having a Chinese version of your brand: It’s much more than just a name is not specifically about online marketing, it is still relevant to the subject. Counterfeit or Credible? UX Design for Authenticity in China.

Although the message in Intel – Initial confusion could apply to all websites, it is the lack of local knowledge by international visitors that is the main problem.

Chinese marketing trends in 2018: What Western brands need to know.

Although SEO for multi-language websites: How to speak your customers’ language focuses on SEO, but it also covers the issue of different languages on websites.

How China’s online travel agencies (OTAs) have found success as influencer platforms.

11 Insights From 11/11 - Alibaba's Singles' Day ... and The World's No. 1 Shopping Day.

Although Dolce & Gabbana's branding at all time low in China after racist ad scandal is a story about advertising, I have included it here as an example of offending local consumers. Notice how serious the repercussions for the brand are - and how difficult it may be for it to recover.

China makes customer experience in the West feel outdated.

Digital China in 2019: Trends and recommendations.

Getting people where they need to be: Six of the best corporate online directories for country sites, brand sites and social media.

The best digital marketing stories in China: May 2019.